Good Practice in ICT


Pointillism - dot pictures

Outline of the activity The children were studying the works of Georges Seurat, a Pointillist painter. On the computer using a graphics program, they drew their own object made up of dots of colour and then developed this into a picture.

Skills Covered The children studied an artist and used his paintings as a stimulus for their own work. The paint tool on the graphics package was used with accuracy to create the drawings. The pupils used the Internet to research Georges Seurat.

Rationale A computer paint package is the ideal tool for recreating a ‘dot’ painting. The precision of the dots on the computer enabled the children to achieve a greater accuracy with their drawing.

Result The children had their practice drawing of an object which was put into their files and the more detailed pictures were displayed.


Lighthouse at Honfleur.

A painting by Georges Seurat in the Pointillism style